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November 7th, 2011

Our eagle-eyed customers have been spotting dolls’ houses again right, left and centre!

The first of the new batch was a Fern Villa, featured in The Mirror’s finance pages – of all places – illustrating a case study about the elderly facing a hike in care fees.

The house in question was featured in the home of interviewee Norma Cooper, from Middlesbrough.

As Seen on Screen, Dolls House Emporium

She actually guessed it was a Mimosa Cottage, like the one she owns – but we don’t mind!

The next was an excellent spot in the children’s programme The Cool Stuff Collective, on CITV.

Tracy Frost thought she’d seen a classical lurking in the background but experts here at dolls’ house HQ have identified it as a Mornington Mews, sadly no longer with us but fondly remembered as a faithful friend.

As Seen on Screen, Dolls House Emporium

And then another one on Relocation, Relocation, on Channel 4 recently, when Sharon Barclay from London dropped us a line thinking she’d spotted a Classical… and she was right!

As Seen on Screen, Dolls House Emporium



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