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More DHE dolls’ houses spotted on TV!

November 18th, 2011

We have two more amazing houses “Seen on Screen” to announce today.

The first is a superb spot, from Marianne Allitt, who while glued to A Gypsy Life For Me, currently getting an outing on the Bio channel, spotted Grosvenor Hall.

A Gypsy Life For Me, currently getting an outing on the Bio channel

How they fit one into the caravan remains a mystery – it’s a very grand item indeed, if you’ve never seen on in the flesh, standing over 5ft tall.

Marianne says: “Twelve minutes into it… one of the travellers has Grosvenor Hall and she’s named it ‘Scarlett’s Manor’!!

The second is another example showing how popular this hobby of ours is.

It’s a particularly clever spot from the Rightmove website, as it’s a Montgomery Hall that’s naked as the day it was packed!

Montgomery Hall under construction

It’s from a house for sale in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, so well done Sue Cotter, who’s becoming a dab hand at this game.

She said: “I may be totally wrong but could this be Montgomery Hall in its early stages of development?

“It is a beautiful house when done and one of my favourites as I love the chimney stacks. It’s one I keep saying I am going to treat myself to – one day – when I finish my Wentworth and Magpies.”



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