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Guest blogger: Creative Competition prize-winner Alice Baudet

December 18th, 2011

Creative Competition 2011 runner-up Alice Baudet, from the Loire region of France, tells us more about her prize-winning entry, a chic guest house ready for visitors…

First of all, it was a great pleasure for me to complete the house because I had 15 days to find, watch, look for an idea, and then six months to get it made.

But alas I have a job and I can devote only four afternoons a week to this passion!

Villa Bienvenue

The financial aspect was part of the challenge which meant that I had to make as much as possible myself.

This meant my creativity resulted in:
• dish sponge for the hedge;
• barriers plastic jars in the transparent tube, the tube power tiles, the radius of my DIY store;
• plaster of Paris and paint to finish the tiles and their structure
• miles of wire for all the chairs, the chandelier (with bulbs I bought) and for the shelves
• bandages for towels, old handkerchiefs retrieved from the bottom of the basket for the materials. The comforter of the bed is a piece of silk that I printed and sewn.
• the back wall of the garden is a piece bathroom tile recycled and cut into briquettes (a mammoth task!) and then repainted …
• the bags are covered with leather cut out of old gloves
• and then of wood, plastic plates cut and glued to the ground (this isolder), lots of paint, sand the outside …

Villa Bienvenue
That is why I keep everything that can be re-used.

Actually I bought the toilet, which was made by a professional, for this house but I still much arranged the lights as I have said, the sink unit, I installed myself after I have purchased a kit, and most of all, I used my printer (without stealing anyone’s work) for carpets and fabrics. I also used probably other things that I had recovered from flea markets or old toys.

I also used the internet for ideas, but not to copy (I hate that), but mainly to avoid repeating something that has already been designed or made. And that I want to stress!

It’s easy just be a little crazy and to believe this is the real world! After it has been created it is rare for me to say that I can not.

So for the cost, I guess, not counting the few purchases of items that I had done it’s about €50 maximum! Yes!

So what have I done with the vouchers I won? Well, I chose … another house: Magpies (yes, I am a passionate maker!)
Why? Well, I’m also watercolorist, and my area is from the time of the Impressionist painters.

Also now there is only that I am trying to finish. So it will take much longer, and I will take my time!

Read more about Alice’s creation here.


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