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Guest blog: Weird and wacky craft winner Debby Meister

December 20th, 2011

Craft competition winner Debby Meister tells us more about her hobby, her win and what she’s going to do next…

The 62-year-old won our Weird and Wacky competition with what was originally a wall-hanging.

She customised the shell into a truly weird – and scary – haunted house.

“Most of what I’m buying with my prize-money will be used to make a vampire’s lair room box or small house.

Debby Meister's houseI have two new projects I’m working on. One is a Halloween store and the other is an Alice in Wonderland room box that is more goth than cute.

Let’s just say it will be fall-ish in colors.

This one is close to being put together, I’m just waiting for the Alice doll that’s being made.

It will be my first mini landscaping project and I’m both excited to start and a bit nervous too, since I’ve never done anything like it before. The box itself was custom made by a woodworker, a pyrographic artist and my framer… they did an amazing job so I have a lot to live up to with this one!

As for entering contests… I would say give it a try. It can’t hurt… I never win but I did this time! Maybe it’s a start of a streak :-)

Debby Meister's houseI’ve always loved smalls things and I really love everything related to Halloween.

I wanted a dollhouse my whole life but it wasn’t until 1997 when we moved from Midtown Manhattan (a really small apartment) to Greensboro NC (a nice size house), that I was able to have a place to put a dollhouse.

The next step was finding a dollhouse that would work for a haunted house and one with really nice details.

This house wasn’t meant as a dollhouse but as a wall sculpture. I haven’t changed the house at all from the original piece that I bought… It was perfect as it was.

At the time I didn’t realize it wasn’t one-inch scale and had several items, like a kitchen sink that wouldn’t fit in the rooms… I panicked a bit!

Many of the accessory miniatures were purchased over the years… but a few are very special to me.

There’s a small silver hour glass on one of the shelves that came from the charm bracelet I had as a kid… from around 1958.

Debby Meister's houseOne of the bottles has a carved coral rose as the stopper that was used by my father as a tie tack in the 60′s.

A blue dog’s head that was also one of my father’s tie tacks.

There’s a small sterling silver unicorn on the fireplace that I purchased on a trip to london from a store in burlington Arcade (early 90′s).

The majority of the items were purchased in the past decade on eBay or custom made by artists, when I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill.

The bed and the ghost under the bed, the weather vane, the two goblins working in the house, and the green slime monster in the basement were made by Miriam Kallies, from Germany.

The witch dancing with the ghost and the scarecrow were purchased on ebay but they were both made by Pat Benedict (Woopitydoo Dolls). There’s an African Grey Parrot that was made by Kerri Pajutee from a photo of one of my parrots.

And finally it’s all kept virtually dust free in custom display case made by my good friend Dan Stiles.”

Debby Meister's house

Debby Meister's house
There are more fantastic pictures at our facebook page:


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