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Dolls’ houses – Wooden vs Plastic

December 21st, 2011

Why does The Dolls House Emporium only make houses in wood and not plastic?

It’s a question often asked …  and the simple answer is that wooden houses have clear advantages over plastic ones.

They are beautiful, durable and highly adaptable.  Many of them go on to become family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next and, unlike plastic, they age gracefully.

A plastic house by contrast will never look as good as the day you buy it.  It does have the advantage of being cheap, lightweight and easy to clean but it cannot be decorated in a style of your choosing.  Neither can it be redecorated over and over again to keep it looking its best.

Plastic houses are very much aimed at children, being bright and in strong colours.  Vivid shades of pink are most often favoured, which little girls associate with Barbie.

A wooden dolls’ house is just so much more adaptable.  And like your own home it can be decorated in different styles over the years or changed into something of a different era, classic Georgian or Victorian, contemporary or even futuristic.

You can change the interiors and populate the rooms with an amazing choice of furniture to reflect the exterior.

A wooden house is for life, not just today.


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