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Daughter’s Christmas present is her mum’s old dolls’ house

December 24th, 2011

As we know, dolls’ houses can make wonderful heirlooms to pass down from one generation to the next.

One mum is currently renovating the dolls’ house her parents gave to her as a Christmas present for her own daughter.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes is a 29 year old writer and mother who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and the person behind the ‘Black and white and loved all over’ blog.

Writing about transforming her old dolls’ house, Ellen explains: “I’m thinking of painting the floors white once I sand the glue off (There was once carpet).

“And then maybe painting the outside white with purple window frames and shutters.

“Nice and girly…  I’d also like to make a few bedspreads and pillows for the little beds, but realistically, not sure if that will happen before Christmas.”

Ellen’s daughter, Tessa, isn’t yet two years old and so is unlikely to appreciate all her mother’s hard work … but we’re sure she will when she’s a little older.


2 Comments to “Daughter’s Christmas present is her mum’s old dolls’ house”

  1. This just goes to show what I always say” Dollhouses are a way to span the generations”. How cool this will be as this little girl grows up to know that Mommy’s house is now hers to grow up with. How many more little girls will come to love this house?

  2. i have great time with my competion entry this year decorating it for christmas.lots fluffy white snow coloured lights.. as it was alog cabin it looked very much the part and was central of my decorations. enjoyed by all family and friends who visited.
    the man and child had to have ponchos made for the cold .
    they outside doing chores.?
    inside we had the logfire and christmans trees all light a up. inviting enough to step inside for warmth and food. i shall hate to take it down soon.!

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