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Ode to a dolls’ house

December 27th, 2011

John Keats is famous for his odes to a nightingale and a Grecian urn but not even he was known to pen one to the delights of a dolls’ house.  Well, dolls’ house enthusiast Amy-Anne Williams has and she kindly sent us her effort which we thought we’d share with you.

My Dolls’ House

The second I saw it,

I knew it would be mine,

I’ve dreamt of having a dolls’ house

For practically all my life.


Its walls were a chocolaty brown,

It was both shiny and new,

It had trees growing in the garden,

It had glass windows too.


It had black tiles on the roof,

Inside, a creamy white,

It was already fully fitted,

With lights so I could see in the night.


Over the years it’s been decorated,

Now it’s fully unique and mine,

It’s got big sofas to small teacups,

My dolls’ house is just divine!

From penning poems to raising money for charity, it’s amazing how inspirational dolls’ houses can be and if you know of any unusual things which dolls’ houses have inspired, then we’d love to hear about them.


One Comment to “Ode to a dolls’ house”

  1. What a delightful poem. It speaks to the uniqueness of dollhouses, which is what makes them so much fun. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.

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