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Dolls’ houses help with offenders’ rehabilitation

December 28th, 2011

There are lots of programmes designed to help prisoners with rehabilitation but surely one of the most unusual is at a prison in Tennessee, USA.

Inmates at the Metro Davidson County Detention Facility in Tennessee have been building dolls’ houses three days a week with the finished items being donated to charities serving needy children.

The programme, which has been featured on the Tennessean website, is the brainchild of Yolanda Pittman, the facility’s Chief of Security.

In her words: “This is something they [the inmates] can take home and use to begin a career.  It’s an opportunity for rehabilitation.”

But let’s leave the last word to one of the participants on the programme.  David Reagen, a convicted thief and recovering heroin addict, said, “This is about being part of something selfless.  I’ve been very selfish the last few years with my drug abuse, and just knowing that someone else is gaining something from this, that it’s just not me this time, is the best feeling.”

So in addition to being stimulating, creative, enjoyable and fun, dolls’ houses can also be described as liberating.


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