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A dolls’ house is not just for Christmas

January 9th, 2012

Christmas may have been and gone but the magic lives on in the memories that are created and here’s one person’s recollection of a Christmas gone by.

Sandy Graham is now editor-in-chief of Cashbox Canada magazine but she still remembers when as a little girl she woke up on Christmas morning to every little girl’s dream – a dolls’ house.

“Not just any dolls’ house but my big sister Donna’s dolls’ house… My Mum and Dad must have spent hours ‘renovating’ this three story dream house; complete with little rugs and Christmas decorations and the best part of all, my name emblazoned on the attic rooftop in big white letters, proving this family treasure was finally mine.  It was the best present in the whole world… a present that money could never have purchased. 

“Years later, my sister Donna claimed it back and renovated it one more time when she became a maker of doll houses and miniature villages. In 1981, Donna died in a tragic house fire, but one of the things that survived was that dolls’ house, and it is in my possession to this day. Life has a way of showing that love survives and being the mother of two boys, I am hoping one day to have a girl for a grandchild, and I will  fix up the dolls’ house one more time, and hopefully, that little girl will love it as much as I did then, all those years ago.”

What a lovely story and if you have you any tales about dolls’ houses that you would like to share with us, we’d love to hear them.


One Comment to “A dolls’ house is not just for Christmas”

  1. Our dollhouse was a gift one Christmas (as a kit) to my three girls. We worked on it, it got a bit fussy , and then the youngest asked for a dollhouse she could “play” with. I backed off and just let her play. That much loved dollhouse is now being loved by the youngest members of the next generation. We did redecorate one room, but mostly it is just loved and being constantly rearranged by these imaginative little girls. Some day perhaps we will get fussy with it again, but that may be a bit bittersweet. Busy little girls are very sweet to watch and listen to.

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