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Give me a dolls’ house where the buffalo roam

January 11th, 2012

The Buffalo Reflex might sound like an exotic medical condition but it’s actually the name of the local newspaper!

It’s for Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri, and recently featured an interesting item about a local woman who has a passion for building dolls’ houses.

Having built her own house with her husband, Ruby Moyer finds building dolls’ houses an altogether simpler project, so much so that she’s about to begin work on her eighth dolls’ house.

Since retiring, Ruby has been building dolls’ houses for the last ten years and her pride and joy is a four-bedroom Victorian one which includes matching gazebo, music room, dining room, two light-up fireplaces and a sewing room.

“I just love all the painting and the sanding and putting it all together,” says Ruby.

Ruby never had a dolls’ house when she was a little girl.  Growing up with five brothers made it a non-starter.

“Every time I had a doll, they’d take it and kill it playing or take its arms off,” she says, laughing.  “A dolls’ house wouldn’t have worked.”

Now she’s more than making up for lost time and already has the parts for her next dolls’ house.  “I’ve thought about it for two years,” she says.  “This is going to be my mountain retreat cabin.”



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