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Pat’s inspiration starts with Magpies dolls’ house kit

January 16th, 2012

We love to see what you create with Dolls House Emporium kits.

That’s why we were fascinated to hear from Pat Sointu all the way from Massachusetts in the USA whose latest creation is based on our very own Magpies kit.

Magpies dolls' house

Pat describes herself as a ‘fibre artist’ living on the south coast of Boston and a member of 4th Floor Artists at the ET Wright Building in Rockland, Massachusetts.

Back in October 2011 she was awaiting the arrival of her Magpies kit and beginning a blog detailing the progress of her project to transform the kit into a late Victorian textile shop.

The very first entry on Pat’s blog at www.weavecat.blogspot.com reads:

“Magpies made a record breaking flight across the Atlantic and arrived at my door a few days ago. 

She’s out of the box and the main shell (what the British call the “carcase” :) is together. 

I ordered the Quick Build version of the kit to save some time, but the medium blue and sort of yellow paint job done at the factory looked too much like a child’s toy. 

So I decided to paint the front doors and window frames black (and maybe some gold) and the top of the building will be sort of a stucco finish, with the bottom done in grey stone… it will be great fun to work on during the long New England winter bearing down on us.”

Of course, no project goes entirely smoothly and Pat encountered a few problems along the way but with typical resilience and a phone call to the team at Dolls House Emporium, she got the project motoring.

Magpies dolls' house

At the same time she was busy creating a history for the shop that was now called Hennessy’s Textile Shop and occupied by Alice and her family who lived above the shop.

“My grandfather’s family emigrated from Ireland to Dundee, Scotland in the 19th century to work in the jute mills.  It was a difficult life until they came to the US. 

I decided to change their fortunes by building the weaving shop and naming it after them, thus making them successful business folks.  Their living quarters above the shop will be much more comfortable than what they really had. You can do anything with dolls houses!!”

On 19th December, two months after starting the project, Pat blogged:

“Alice has finally opened Hennessy’s Textile Shop and moved into her apartment  upstairs. 

“The Christmas tree is up and the presents are wrapped…  Downstairs, the weavers are sweeping up after a hard day’s work and they’ll be leaving shortly to spend Christmas with their families.” 

We think the results are fantastic and can only add our congratulations.  Well done, Pat, you’re a real inspiration to us all.



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