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Welcome to Barbie doll nightmare!

January 28th, 2012

St Louis based artist, Carrie M Becker, has created a striking if unsettling dolls’ house.

She’s imagined what Barbie’s “dream” house would look like if Barbie turned out to be a hoarder.

‘Barbie trashes her dreamhouse’ is the name of Carrie’s unusual artwork and it’s a dolls’ house made to 1/6th scale in which every room is filled literally from floor to ceiling with all the stuff a hoarder collects rather than throwing away.

Carrie explains that her inspiration came from watching TV shows like ‘How clean is your house?’ and she has certainly created an incredibly detailed artwork where the chaotic clutter looks all too real.

It’s not a house you would ever want to live in but neither is it one you are likely to forget in a hurry.

So congratulations to Carrie and shame on you, Barbie!


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