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Susan’s dolls’ house in the Archers

January 31st, 2012

If you’re a lover of ‘The Archers’, on Radio 4, then you will know from a recent episode that Ambridge stalwart, Susan Carter, has been reunited with her childhood dolls’ house.

According to husband Neil, who keeps pigs (well it is an everyday story of country folk), the dolls’ house in question looks a bit the worse for wear but Susan has plans to decorate it.

It is, she insists, a family heirloom and she intends to ‘do it up’ and pass it on to her granddaughter.

We can’t wait to hear what Susan does with the house.

Perhaps she’ll model the decor on a country cottage but being a bit of a would-be social climber, she’ll probably opt for something altogether more grand.

If you have any thoughts on what Susan should do with the house, then please feel free to share them with us.



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