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What’s the best colour for a French Château dolls’ house?

February 9th, 2012

Did you get a good look at our new dolls’ house for February 2012?

You may be interested to hear there was actually a shortlist of possibilities on the colour of Le Château!

We also need to mention that the true-life colour when supplied built or QuickStyle is a pale sandstone, and most computer monitors don’t do the photograph justice.

What IS clear though, is the understated elegance of this house, with its elegant sweeping stairway leading to the ground floor opulence of traditional French living for the nobility!

With traditional Loire Valley-inspired windows and railings to complete the effect, as well as a room configuration to allow a little more flexibility, Le Château is a welcome addition to the range here at The Dolls House Emporium.

So here is the short list. Which would you have gone with?

Log onto our discussion forum to vote – or add a comment below if you can think of a new colour we haven’t considered!

Le Chateau Dolls House Emporium

1: Dove Grey, 2: Sandstone, 3: Light Grey, 4: Cream

Of course, if you’re buying as a kit, you can make it whichever colour you like!

(We’re putting this vote on the forum because not everyone has a facebook account and we’d like to get the widest possible feedback)

Le Château Dolls House Emporium


5 Comments to “What’s the best colour for a French Château dolls’ house?”

  1. FunkyMonkey Says:

    Oh, I see why you went for Canary Yellow in the end then!! :D

  2. deborah gaffney Says:

    I think the Dove Grey would be nice.Yellow is a ok color but it’s not a color I would pick for a miniature doll house. Now my favortie color is really any shade of blue.

  3. Noorie Parvez Says:

    The images above (listed Dove Grey, Sandstone, Light Grey and Cream) look visually Lavender, Peach, Pale Blue and Lemon!
    I’d assume the correct colour to be anything resembling natural stone from whatever region?
    HOWEVER: For some reason I can’t fathom, the average collector seems to favour PINK.
    If Dolls Houses are aspirational ‘Dream Homes’ (miniature versions of what we can’t afford in real life): then Pink Palaces tick the boxes.
    Personally I have more masaculine and bohemium tastes; so would lean to Cream, or Soft Grey, but as retailers you should maybe market these colours as ‘French Ivory’ (or ‘Verseilles Vanilla’ or ‘Camembert’ or ‘Brie Blanche) and ‘Maison Gris’
    This is ‘suggestive’ marketing, but might help with the decision?

  4. I prefer the sand stone but perhaps it could be slightly lighter. Lovely looking house though :)

  5. I think the best colour for a french chateau is light grey. Most chateaus are built in stone and the light grey is although not perfect it is the nearest.

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