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The dolls’ house through the keyhole

February 23rd, 2012

Dolls’ house lovers everywhere should check out a blog entirely devoted to a project to build a miniature Old Curiosity Shop inspired by Charles Dickens and our very own Stratford Bakery kit.

Gill began her blog called ‘The Tiny Keyhole’ last June following the arrival of her kit the day after ordering it.  “Excellent service,” is Gill’s comment.

The blog is intended to be, in Gill’s words, “a diary of my first steps into the world of miniatures” and as she freely admits, to give her “licence to buy any quirky, pretty and unusual accessory that catches my eye for the shop”.

Gill’s curiosity collection so far includes miniature vases, violin and case, brass candelabra, circular mirror, bird cage, china tea set and a handmade miniature readable book telling the story of Thumbelina, which seems very apt for a dolls’ house.

The furniture she has assembled includes an elegant bookcase bureau, medieval table and bench, Victorian fireplace and Tudor style desk.

‘The Tiny Keyhole’ is definitely worth a look to catch up on Gill’s progress on the project.

It is a real labour of love and is now eight months in the making with no end in sight.  As Gill admits, it is “a project that will last a lifetime.  Thank you DHE and of course Dickens for so much inspiration.”


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