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How to turn Ikea shelving into a dolls’ house

March 1st, 2012

It seems there is no limit to people’s ingenuity in creating dolls’ houses out of the most unusual things.

The latest example, courtesy of a Dutch website called 101 Woonideeen, is making a dolls’ house out of an Ikea shelving unit.

Ikea Expedit is a bookshelf or storage unit which is divided into four cubes.

According to the Dutch blog, it can be customised into four miniaturised rooms, complete with wallpapered or painted walls.

And once a child outgrows their makeshift dolls’ house (or moves on to the real thing), the shelving unit can be returned to its original use.

It’s a neat idea but there is no substitute for the real thing and you can hardly pass on an Ikea shelving unit as a family heirloom!


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