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Miniature heroine in a big film

March 8th, 2012

It’s half term and with it the challenge of keeping the kids entertained. 

Well, if you’re struggling, you could do worse than check out the new DVD of ‘Arrietty’, an animated film based on Mary Norton’s much loved children’s classic, ‘The Borrowers’.

You might remember that there was a different version on BBC over Christmas and the story basically concerns a family of 6-inch tall people (Pod, Homily and their daughter Arrietty) who live under the floorboards of a country house.

They are called “Borrowers” because they borrow items such as blotting paper for rugs and postage stamps for wall paintings with which to furnish their home.

When Arrietty is befriended by a normal sized boy, he starts providing them with purloined furniture from a dolls’ house and other treats.

It might help to while away a couple of hours and it might even give your little ones some big ideas about the delights of miniature living.

Now where is that dolls’ house?



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