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Dolls’ house DIY

March 22nd, 2012

Spring is in the air and what better time for a spot of spring cleaning in your dolls’ house. 

You could redo that paintwork which is looking a little dingy or perhaps change the wallpaper in one of your interiors.

Of course, such projects take time and it’s best to bear that in mind when you start that ‘little five minute job’.

Here are the thoughts of a miniature enthusiast who goes under the name of ‘Four Little Walls’.  About to begin a new dolls’ house project, she compares DIY work in the real and miniature worlds.

“… we’ve been brainwashed by ‘Changing Rooms’ and ’60 Minute Makeover’ into thinking everything can be transformed in hours with MDF, a staple gun and whatever else your over-zealous designer can blag from Dunelm Mill.  Alas, no.

The same is true of dolls’ houses.  Yes, they’re smaller and cheaper (mostly) than full size projects but they can still eat up hours at a time and easily reduce you to tantrums.”

Well if things are too easy, they aren’t nearly so rewarding when you finish them and besides, your dolls’ house will always look the better for a little TLC and the odd tantrum or two.


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