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Magical miniature creations – all the way from Canada

April 4th, 2012

If Slug and Jiggers sounds to you like an unfortunate medical condition, then you are obviously not a Harry Potter fan. 

If you are, then you will recognise the name of one of Diagon Alley’s magical establishments which trades as an apothecary.

Michelle from Hampshire, England, who writes a blog entitled Michelle’s Mad World, waxes lyrical about a Slug and Jiggers apothecary display which she purchased from Canada:

“This truly work of art and magnificent piece was made by Jenn Hatt. I was stunned when I saw the previews of it, but I was speechless when it was home with me!  I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that it’s with me and I own it! lol  If you think of all the positive adjectives that exist..well, that’s how much I love it! ;o))))” 

If you take a look at the item in question, then you’re likely to be equally impressed by the incredible detail that makes it a real labour of love.

But perhaps the best description, given its Harry Potter inspiration, is that it’s simply magical.




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