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Turning Wentworth Court into a unique dolls’ house

April 4th, 2012

Wentworth Court is the name of a fascinating blog detailing one woman’s progress in creating a dolls’ house based on our very own Wentworth Court.

The Wentworth Court blogger’s obsession began back in August 2010:

“Following a brief conversation with my daughter on how it wasn’t completely certifiable to still crave a doll’s house at sixty-five and having trawled E-Bay for a couple of days looking for one I decided to go the whole hog and buy a new one from Dolls House Emporium.”  

Eighteen months later and the project is still not finished.  Which is not say that considerable progress hasn’t been made and many of the rooms completed.  But as with any perfectionist, there are always things to improve and more furniture and accessories to be found.

Her latest blog entry illustrates the point where she talks about a pair of miniature scales which she has just acquired:

“At about twenty when I was first married I found a pair of shop scales in a junk shop being used as a doorstop and bought them for pennies.  I then painted them a lovely British racing green and polished the brass pans until they shone.  I loved them for many years afterwards and they moved from home to home, usually living on the kitchen window sill… So these tiny ones, which actually balance, are perfect for my Wentworth as it is an homage to my life with my children.  Sadly Wentworth doesn’t have windowsills but, however much room they take up in the kitchen, they will have a home there to remind me of my real ones.”  

It’s amazing how much people put into their dolls’ houses and not least their memories and dreams which add such a unique dimension.


One Comment to “Turning Wentworth Court into a unique dolls’ house”

  1. Try those thin strips from hobbies, they can often sit in a window and make a sill!

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