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A dolls’ house in a bottle

April 18th, 2012

Everyone’s heard of a ship in a bottle but a house is quite a different matter. 

Amazingly one does exist and is on display at Tara’s Palace Museum of Childhood in Co Wicklow, Ireland.

The house in a bottle is described as being 300 years old, an age which dwarfs every other exhibit in the museum, even the magnificent Tara’s Palace with its exquisitely detailed and furnished 22 rooms.

It isn’t the smallest item on show: that honour belongs to a tiny little doll, no bigger than a small coin, which is billed as the smallest doll in the world.

The big, the small and the unusual, what more could you ask for in a Museum of Childhood?

It’s just a shame it’s not a little closer to home but for anyone visiting or living in Ireland, it’s a real must for the young at heart.



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