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Who lives in a dolls’ house like this?

April 22nd, 2012

Look through the windows of any dolls’ house and you can’t help trying to imagine the kind of people who ‘live’ there.

That’s certainly true of Sue Cooke’s dolls’ houses with their exquisitely detailed interiors which she deliberately leaves unoccupied to leave more room for the imagination.

Sue’s creations have just been on display in an exhibition in her native Jurby on the Isle of Man and, according to the local newspaper, Isle of Man Today, enthralled visitors.

There is certainly a great deal to admire, from the patterned stair carpet to the miniature loo roll.

Beside the cradle in the nursery is a pair of tiny pink bootees and resting on the sofa is a miniature version of Sue’s favourite childhood book, ‘Little Women’.  Well what better title could a miniaturist come up with?

Sue describes her hobby as a lifeline after the death of her husband and her creations range from an eight-room mansion to an oak-beamed country cottage.

Her own favourite is a church, complete with stained glass windows, one in memory of her late husband.


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