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A miniature mobile home

May 6th, 2012

Caravans – you either love them or hate them.  But here’s one you’ll never get stuck behind on a narrow country lane because it’s made to 1:12 scale.

Created by a blogger called Wendy Craig (no, not the actress!), the caravan in question is done in retro style as a celebration of idyllic family holidays.

Here’s Wendy describing the elaborately created interior:

“There’s bread and jam, pie and fruit for lunch.  A sunhat and swimsuit and beach towels hanging up.

“A National Geographic magazine, books and a Rupert comic to read. My grandfather used to buy those comics for me when I was a kid.

“Monopoly, Chinese Checkers and Checkers are the board games for rainy days.

“Mum’s knitting is on the divan, Dad’s shaving mug & razor are safely stowed on top of the wardrobe, and the gin bottles are stored up high too!  

“The kettle’s on the gas burner and the dish mop is in the basin. There’s even a hot water bottle for cold nights!

“Caravan holidays at the beach were such fun!”

Obviously Wendy never spent endless hours playing card games whilst listening to the rain drumming on the caravan roof but even for those of us with less than happy caravan experiences, her creation is a wonderful thing.



One Comment to “A miniature mobile home”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my mini retro caravan on your blog! Several of us at our miniatures club are making them. It’s a fun project that’s bringing back many childhood memories for us all.

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