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The most unusual place to find a dolls’ house

May 10th, 2012

You wouldn’t be surprised to find a dolls’ house in a museum or a charity shop, perhaps even a dusty attic or, heaven forbid, a rubbish skip. 

But surely the last place you would expect to find one would be in a cemetery.

In Connersville, Indiana, visitors are often surprised to discover an ornate Victorian dolls’ house among the more traditional headstones.

It marks the grave of Vivian May Allison who tragically died at the age of five in 1899 and was built by the little girl’s parents.

Apparently Vivian May had always wanted a dolls’ house and the grieving parents filled it with their daughter’s favourite dolls and toys.

It is known locally as ‘the little house that heartache built’ and according to Donna Scott, part of a volunteer team restoring the house, “Some [people] would swear the poor little girl haunts the house.”

However, speaking to the local newspaper, the Indy Star, Donna stresses that the little girl’s soul is at rest, leaving the house as a wonderful commemoration of her all too short life.

Do you know of any unusual places where a dolls’ house is to be found?  If so, please share it with the rest of DHE community.  We always love to hear from you.



One Comment to “The most unusual place to find a dolls’ house”

  1. We have dolls house scale minitures in our watermill! A watermill (needless to say) a wind mill and a victorian millers cottage and a 1940′s cottage, they are used as teaching aids to show our young visitors how we used to live in days gone by. We are hoping to extend our collection soon to include an 1820′s town house (how the posh people lived) and a tudor manor to show the night before the battle of Flodden which happened near to the mill.
    So if anyone is thinking of building a watermill as aproject or just loves history and miniatures come and see me in North Northumberland

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