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Dolls’ house mishaps – your stories!

May 18th, 2012

Yesterday we asked Dolls House Emporium facebook fans if they had ever fallen onto their dolls’ house – and how it happened!

More than 4,100 people are fans of the group – and they are quick to let us know about their hobby.

Here are some of their tales of woe – some amusing, some not so funny.

Mandy Sandiford said: “Didn’t turn the light on and tripped over it! Completely flattened! Got a new one though which was better! :-)”

Sue Murton said: “I tripped over two of my dogs who were squabbling over a chew stick and fell onto one of my shops fortunately never broke anything but things were a bit awry inside – all the tins and packets!”

Joy Lawson: “Not fallen on it, but had one of the small humidifiers in it and it exploded and wrecked my basement, was gutted, still am :(“

Melonie Pickering: “Not fallen on one (yet!) but have dropped the roof to my Mountfield just as I had it put together…!”

Sami Cox: “Not me but my puppy baby knocked my dollshouse off the dining table when I was working on it. He was chasing the cat and knocked it off with his paws, thankfully able to mend it and almost completed now.”

Yvette Snel-Tenders: “I had a small store/cafe for gold-diggers standing on a small table. But my visitor really dived into the dollshouse! I thought of my handblown Jenever glasses! They are so tiny, thought I might lose them. The worst thing is when they try to help you. ‘No!’ I said, I’ll do it my self. Luckily I found my three Jenever glasses and afterwards placed this store somewhere else. Somewhere visitor-proof! It is standing on a shelf above my writing desk. When my cat is bored, she dives in the house so I have to clear everything up again.”

Sylvia Sims: “The other day I fell of the arm of settee while putting up curtains. I fell back on to my dollshouse broke the front step piece and you can imagine inside everything all knocked over. Needless to say I’ve a cut arm black and blue ALL over. My worst concern was for my house has take ages to straighten it up.”

Hollye Beth Andrews: “My sister fell backwards onto one of my dolls houses once and split the roof :( luckily it was fairly sturdy and didn’t crumple under her, otherwise it would have been a lot worse! :)”

Natasha Peter: “My cat did! She was exploring nearby and decided to take a look and got her head stuck in the stairwell of the house! I wish I’d had a camera to hand…”

Rebecca Micallef: “Oh boy, it isn’t actually the same thing but feels pretty much the same. When I built my first dolls house, my cat Binksy was very curious. He jumped on top of it and knocked it down as it was still on my working stool. I almost had a heart attack. Most of the items where knocked down but no damages where done to the actual house. Poor Binksy the cat took quite a fright which I am pretty sure he won’t forget. He never dared got closer again to any of my dolls houses … I guess it served him right!!! No one messes around with mummy’s dolls houses again.”

Julie Duncan: “My husband fell over a table and caused an earth quake (after a few at a family party)”

Gillean McDougall: “Don’t ask, and it’s not quite falling on it, but I did drop a plate of hot baked beans on to the roof of my Lutyens! I panicked and started using the first thing to hand (a knife) to scrape them off. Permanent damage done to the roof paper and still on my long list of things to fix. Hasn’t put me off baked beans, tho!”

Wendy Moreman: “I was rushing around as usual and got my washing basket caught on the basment door of my house, the whole front pulled off and all the garden bits and pieces were strun on the floor !!! I couldn’t look so had to shout my daughter, who confirmed a poor rabbit had lost his ear and fencing and steps broken :-(“

They’re not all funny stories, though, as it can be quite heart-breaking to lose hours of work. Luckily dolls’ house hobbyists are a tough lot.

Sue Cotter says: “I recently did that – was trying to move it to get to back to sort out lights and it tipped with me alongside it and I smashed all the front, was heartbroken. Over it now though lol. Well until I start thinking about it again.”

The last word has to go to Katie Burke, who says: “I’d be a bit concerned if someone fell on mine they’d have to be a giant mines about 5ft5 high :D”

If you’d like to add to the list simply “like” our facebook page at www.facebook.com/dollshouseemporium and tell us your news!

If you’re not a member of facebook, it’s quick and easy to sign up and you don;t have to be anyone’s friend – just follow the groups that match your interests!


One Comment to “Dolls’ house mishaps – your stories!”

  1. Pauline Bennett Says:

    It seems I am the only one to have had a flood in my house. It stands on a shelf underneath a window sill in the spare bedroom. I was dismayed to find dirty water stains on the bottom floor and the back walls. All completely sodden. The furniture was unharmed as it was the kitchen but the wallpaper and floor had to be replaced. Good job I have a ‘handy hubby’. He replaced it without a murmer and didn’t make one sound of accusation. It turned out to be condensation from the bedroom windows behind the house. I make sure to always leave the door open now.

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