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A cobbler’s shop in miniature

June 7th, 2012

Every dolls’ house, no matter how humble or grand, is a labour of love and the work of a blogger by the name of Miniature Treasures is no exception.

A self-described engineer, artist and sculptor from Staffordshire, the host of Miniature Treasures is in the process of making a cobbler’s shop, drawing his inspiration from his father.

My father was a cobbler before entering service in WWII and specialised in making infants and ladies shoes so this seems fitting as a first build attempt.”

“The building itself will be Tudor but the shop and all the contents will date from around 1850 as this is the time period that the cobblers shop my father served his apprenticeship with was established.”

When he mentions Tudor it isn’t just in the look of it but in the construction style too, hence the use of wattle and daub for the walls to give the building a truly authentic feel.

The floor likewise has the same degree of authenticity, being made using real oak boards and natural Cotswold stone.

“This won’t be a quick build,” he notes by way of an understatement.

Do look at the photographs on the Miniature Treasures blog and we think you’ll agree that the project is shaping up to be not just a labour of love but a genuine work of art.



One Comment to “A cobbler’s shop in miniature”

  1. [...] You have to admire Tony’s incredible attention to detail, something which can be seen in another project of his, a miniature Cobbler’s Shop which we featured in a previous blog. [...]

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