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Jubilee jubilation in miniature!

June 8th, 2012

Here at The Dolls House Emporium we’ve been lucky enough to be sent some photos of your hobby.It seems the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has proved inspirational for many, so we’re sharing some of the good work.

Here’s Mike Arnold’s crown jewels display.

Dolls' house jubilee photo

And part of the Harrod’s display in a cabinet on their 4th floor … using DHE miniatures, of course!

Dolls' house jubilee photo

Heather Barnes made a mini-party for her mini-friends.

She says: “I love Dolls House things – but don’t have many items (and have no houses at present) so I use what I do have – my Playmobil and Sylvanian toys, and what I can make. I enjoy creating a box to celebrate a special occasion.

“My ‘room box’ is a Jubilee display – a village hall with a mixture of homemade (food, bunting, flags, the big table, plates and napkins), Sylvanian Families (people and food), Playmobil (2 tables, plates/servers and food) and dolls house things (plates (Sue Ryder and a magazine freebie), 1 table and DHE red peppers (part 4378).

“I also use beads and buttons – the latter make good plates while the former are used in all sorts of ways…- cheese, tomatoes and sweets in this scene.”

Jubilee party in miniatureJubilee party in miniature

Jackie Gilchrist put together a patriotic display:

‎Jackie Gilchrist's display

And last but not least, is Kim Hill’s ‎”7 Lighthouse Road”, ready for the Queen’s Jubilee!

Jubilee dolls house street scene in miniature


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