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‘M’ is for Miniature

June 20th, 2012

If asked to name something associated with Canada that begins with M, what would you reply?  Mountie?  Maple Leaf?  Moose?  But what about Miniature?

Canada turns out to be a thriving centre of all things miniature and is home to two interesting artists who are creating amazing dolls’ house related miniatures.

Vancouver-based artist Peter Tucker makes miniature room settings and furniture that are so realistic people have been known to place orders on Peter’s website thinking they are purchasing full-sized items.

His miniature creations are mainly in a modern or art deco style and include replicas of famous modern furniture created by the likes of Corbusier.  They are full of amazing detail, from the paintings hanging on the walls to the fully working lights, and have to be seen to be believed.

By contrast, Toronto-based Jennifer Linton has a decidedly more surreal take on dolls’ houses and has created a highly unusual art installation entitled ‘The Disobedient Dollhouse’.

Explaining her Max Ernst-inspired creation, Jennifer writes on her blog:

“Contemporary dollhouses are decidedly not contemporary in their motifs, with the historic splendor of wealthy Victorian homes being the most frequently represented style amongst current dollhouse enthusiasts.

“In The Disobedient Dollhouse, I recreated the highly-detailed interiors of a Victorian-style dollhouse, self-consciously aware of the storybook view of domesticity they often conjure.

“For instance, although the conventional Victorian domestic scene of a woman playing piano has been dutifully rendered, the woman depicted is a hybrid creature with the head of a bird. A chair located in the same room as the bird-headed woman mysteriously sprouts twisted floral vines that snake up the back wall.

“Gigantic insects infiltrate the room and swarm across the ornate damask wallpaper like a strange, inexplicable virus. These hybrid monsters, giant insects and fantastic vegetal growths disturb the inherent sentimentality of nostalgia and propose a dark, secret world that churns just beneath the veneer of domestic perfection.”

So the next time someone asks you what Canada is noted for, don’t forget to mention miniatures and in particular the amazing work of people like Peter Tucker and Jennifer Linton.



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