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Are dolls’ houses just for little girls?

June 21st, 2012

Dolls’ houses are traditionally linked with girls rather than boys but Sweden, the most gender-equal country in the world, is challenging such stereotypes.

Swedish toy catalogue Leklust is one of a number of Swedish businesses that are combating gender stereotypes.

“Gender roles are an outdated thing,” Kaj Wiberg, CEO of Leklust, told the Swedish newspaper Metro.  “I’m 71 years old and those of us who have worked in this industry for a while know that boys play with dolls’ houses.”

Among adults who are dolls’ house enthusiasts, there are an awful lot of men and anyone who has watched small children at play will know that dolls’ houses can hold as much fascination for boys as for girls.

It’s fair to say that the creation of miniature worlds has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with imaginative play, so it’s good that artificial barriers assigning one kind of toy to a boy and another to a girl are being broken down.


2 Comments to “Are dolls’ houses just for little girls?”

  1. Mmm(!) I’m a 50 sumit man who built his first professional dolls house at 50. However, I had built several as child and it gave me a love for achitecture, so Iam pleased to say no, Doll shouses are not just for little girls!

  2. Joy Haddow-Allen. Says:

    I am a mother of three sons and a daughter. When my sons were small, in the 80s, they had their own doll`s houses (Lundby and Caroline`s Home – not at all ‘pink and girly’ but modern and realistic) and loved them for years. I didn`t see why they should not, since both sexes live in houses, and I believed that they should not be made to conform to a gender stereotype. They also had all the normal boy`s toys. My daughter, when she arrived, also had both boys` and girls` toys. She liked Sylvanian Families but did not get as much out of ‘house play’ as her brothers. All have grown up perfectly well adjusted. They have boy cousins who also had a dolls` house of their own.

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