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Can a dolls’ house be called art?

June 22nd, 2012

It’s an intriguing question and one which American poet and performer Nada Gordon has tried to answer in her ‘ululations’ blog. 

Nada, it transpires, is also something of a dolls’ house enthusiast and is busy creating one of her own.

When someone asked her whether her dolls’ house was art, this was her reply:

“I don’t know, it felt like sort of a loaded question. Isn’t everything an artist does art if she says it is? And isn’t it also problematic to assume that kitschy/marginalized/”women’s” pursuits like dollhouses are in any way not art?

It’s all too easy to be patronising about a love of dolls’ houses, the implication that it is somehow childish and not at all a grown-up passion.

However, there are many fantastic dolls’ houses that are unquestionably works of art – Queen Mary’s dolls’ house for one, Titania’s Palace and Tara’s Palace – all of them magical creations.

Returning to Nada and her own dolls’ house, she writes:

“Is this art? All I know is that I’m putting a lot of myself and my time into it, it’s full of emotions…”

And what more could you ask of any work of art?


One Comment to “Can a dolls’ house be called art?”

  1. The problem is that “dolls house” sounds like a kids toy. If you used the word Model House like model railway or model soldier it might souns more serious. However you put it, making one of these miniature homes is a work of art from the design of the rooms to choosing the furnishings and fittings. Its certainly better thana sheep in formalderide or an unmade bed! So come on Mr Sache, pay me several millions for my “dolls House” Please?

    :-) Mike

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