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Be first to see the decorated and furnished Harrods Grosvenor Hall

July 10th, 2012

The gorgeous Grosvenor Hall doll’s house we are making for Harrods is taking shape beautifully.

It is being made especially for their new Toy Kingdom feature on the third floor of the world-famous London store.

The house is being built back-to-front so that shoppers can walk right around it while seeing both the sumptuous inside and the classic exterior.

Today we can see the finished rooms inside the house, which is worth some £7,000 if you add up the house itself, the decoration and the furniture, accessories and lighting inside.

Dolls House Emporium product manager Sophie takes us on a tour through the dining room, the first floor library – on a Dickensian theme with the man himself settled inside reading his newspaper – and a bedroom kitted out with items from the beautiful Queen’s Dolls’ House Collection. She takes us right up into the attic rooms to see hopw different bedrooms look for different people in a house like this!

Stay tuned as we complete the basement in time for tomorrow’s filming.



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