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Jocelyn’s dream dolls’ house

July 16th, 2012

If you were trying to imagine what an American’s dream dolls’ house would be, you would probably opt for a clapperboard house with white picket fencing or perhaps even a fairy castle.

So it comes as some surprise to discover that one American woman’s dream dolls’ house is DHE’s very own Mountfield, a quintessentially British suburban home.

Jocelyn is the lady in question and she writes a blog called ‘Jocelyn’s Mountfield Dollhouse’ which she describes as “a scrapbook of the building and decorating of my dream dollhouse, the Mountfield Dollhouse by the Dolls House Emporium, and other added dollhouses.”

The Mountfield House is now finished but Jocelyn is only getting started in terms of other projects.

Inspired by a building in her local downtown area, she is now working on a bakery with a coffee shop above it.  “I have always wanted a miniature business,” Jocelyn says.

She has already completed the ground floor bakery and her latest blog entry details her work on the entrance to the upstairs coffee shop.

“This entry hall is behind the colorful wall inside the bakery shop. The wall is removable and can hide the electrical wires and sockets for the lighting. This gives me more space on the second floor without cutting a hole in the floor for stairs. I will add a fake door on the wall upstairs and a ceiling light in the downstairs entry.

“My idea was to create some mystery and interest on the side of the building. I used a piece of shelf lining on the door for a frosted look, I like the idea of the ceiling light shining through the frosted glass at night. I used this before to cover the bathroom windows in the attic master suite in my Mountfield Dollhouse.”

Do take a look at Jocelyn’s work on her blog.  She is a very imaginative and talented person and it’s well worth checking on the progress of her latest project.



One Comment to “Jocelyn’s dream dolls’ house”

  1. Thank you so much for this. It really means a lot coming from DHE. I still love my Mountfield the most of all. I bought the corner shop parts1 & 2 to add to my street of shops and I can hardly wait to get started. Thanks again!

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