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What I love about my dolls’ house hobby!

July 20th, 2012

At last we can reveal the winners of our recent competition to find out what you love about your dolls’ house hobby!

Thank you for your entries – we’ll be sharing snippets from them all over the coming months.

The winner of £200 of Dolls House Emporium vouchers is 13-year-old Phoebe Turner, from Cumbria.

She wrote a lovely letter telling us: “Some reasons I find the hobby so enjoyable are the facts that it invigorates skills I didn’t know I had, it has helped me escape from the assiduous, busy world of life, and I found that it fortifies creativity and imagination.”

She added: “There is so much detail in each delicate piece – the possibilities are endless. To me they aren’t just tiny models, they each tell a story or bring back a memory.”

She highlights key aspects of her wonderful hobby as “building, sharing, socialising, imagining, exploring and discovering”.

On the video side of the contest, Rebecca Micallef in Malta sent us a photo, some writing and a video charting her Dolls House Emporium projects through the years. Her effort wins her £200 of vouchers too!

She says: “This photo represents the beginning of my greatest hobby. It was taken on Christmas Day in 1983 when I was four years old. Here you can see me opening my Christmas presents and there is when I got my first dolls house. I still have it and will cherish it forever.”

There were many more wonderful entries.

Among our favourites were were Nicola Butcher, from the West Midlands, whose hobby has become her career.

Nicola has had a Springwood Cottage since she was 11 and uses the miniatures in her photography work.

Wendy Bridger, of West Sussex, is bedridden but doesn’t let it stop her enjoying her miniatures.

Wendy told us: “As I am bedridden I have had great fun sitting up in bed til the wee small hours finishing staining wood for skirting or gluing the bannister rails in place! I also lay awake at night imagining what the folks in the house are up to!”

Pauline Bennett, meanwhile, sent us a lovely poem.

Here’s an extract – we’ll run the whole poem in a blog of its own very soon!

The house is always tidy,.
The pets are always clean,
Not even muddy paw prints,
To show where they have been.

My perfect little children,
They never misbehave,
And all the handsome daddies,
Are tall and bold and brave.

There is no need for doctors,
My people are never ill,
No stitches, plasters or bandages,
Not even a headache pill.

No Washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning,
Nagging, rows nor moaning.
No blocked up drains, no aches and pains,
No need for silent groaning…

And here are a couple of Nicola Butcher’s photos:

Nicola Butcher dolls house and miniatures photography

Nicola Butcher Dolls' House and miniature photography


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