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July 24th, 2012

Did you know that there’s a thriving dolls’ house community online?

Dolls’ house fans of all ages share news, knowledge and opinions about their hobby – and much more – at the discussion forum hosted by The Dolls House Emporium.

Recent topics have included ‘What project are you working on?‘, ‘Need to vent some frustration‘, ‘Wrought Iron Stair Rails‘ and ‘Ideas Please!‘.

Picture galleries have been uploaded in recent weeks: ‘Quayside – my village by the sea‘, ‘Beaufort Hall (to be)‘, ‘A new shop?‘ and ‘Live Laugh Love Shop‘.

But often it’s not just the messages and images which are notable – we also see some real starts among the forum members.

For instance, we have three members around the 10,000-post mark – that’s quite an achievement!

Here’s the league table of top posters, with figures correct as we write:

davidsmum      10,434
dolly donut      9,539
St.Vale            9,425
Bluebird        7,901
mad-on-miniatures     7,841
Shelagh           6,309
Hollyrafe      5,775
wombat           4,961
joe.1996      4,827
coodencat      4,438

So let us take this opportunity to thank all 4,500 or so members for keeping the forum a lively, active, informative and – above all – friendly and welcoming place to be.

If you’d like to join in, simply go to the forum and sign up. We’ll verify membership at this end and then it’s up to you to make new friends and join in… or simply get ideas and inspiration by leafing through the messages.


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