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Dolls’ house poetry!

July 25th, 2012

Pauline Bennett, from Kent, wrote a lovely poem about her dolls’ house hobby in response to our recent contest.

She has five houses, all set in different times, and some 230 dolls, and delights in giving guided tours to all her visitors – whether they want one or not.

She says: “What I love most about my hobby is that I can escape into any one of five different worlds whenever I have the time.”

I creep inside my tiny houses,
Whenever there is time.
I watch my little families,
I’ll tell you why in rhyme.

The house is always tidy,
The pets are always clean,
Not even muddy paw prints,
To show where they have been.

My perfect little children,
They never misbehave,
And all the handsome daddies,
Are tall and bold and brave.

Immaculate little mothers,
So pretty and serene,
Evan Gran and Grandpa,
Are often on the scene.

The babes are always smiling,
Or else they are asleep,
I creep in very quietly,
Just to have a peep.

No tidemarks in the bathroom,
Towels neatly on the rails,
Soap always in the soap dish,
No nasty hard lime scales.

Dishes neatly stacked away,
The Kitchen is pristine,
No tea stains on the work tops,
The cooker always stays clean.

The gardens don’t need weeding.
The grass is never long,
No need for shears or secateurs,
(I hope that’s not spelled wrong!)

There is no need for doctors,
My people are never ill,
No stitches, plasters or bandages,
Not even a headache pill.

No Washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning,
Nagging, rows nor moaning,
No blocked up drains, no aches and pains,
No need for silent groaning…

So now I leave my perfect world,
I’m closing up the doors,
Now I must stop writing,

If you have any dolls’ house-inspired poetry, photos or comments, please email all contributions to photos@dollshouse.co.uk and we’kll feature as many as we can!


4 Comments to “Dolls’ house poetry!”

  1. my dolls house is my hobby,
    (the thing i like to do)
    i make things for it day by day,
    like bikes and kites and stew.

    My people are not wooden
    there plastic hand me downs,
    they’ve got old bits of wire,
    sticking out there gowns.

    Its set in the 1980′s
    because the mother has a perm,
    back then it was normal,
    but now it makes heads turn.

    The farther weres a shirt and tie,
    with hair thats short and straight,
    he works at the sweet shop,
    wont wont wont be late.

    The children are not tidy,
    neather are the dogs,
    ripping things appart,
    running round like hogs.

    grandpars allways sleeping,
    in his little chair,
    in his gray old jacket,
    and his thin gray hair.

    so thats about my family,
    the dogs the dad the mum,
    the grandpar and the little girls,
    and the litle boy.

    (please take note im ten)

  2. Pauline Bennett Says:

    Hi Eliza, I love your poem. Nice to know someone else is as mad as me. I’m not ten though, I am probably older than your grandma. I am seventy two but still enjoy little girls toys and poems. X

  3. thanks.
    my grandmar in seventy five.
    when im a adult im going to have a town of dolls houses and my main house will be grosvenor hall.
    i have a wooden house at the moment but i put collectors items in it so it dosent look like a five year olds dolls house.(Its called maplewood house)
    which dolls house do you have?
    If you want a tip cut up pipe cleaners make very nice flowers.(as long as theres lots of coulors.)

  4. Pauline Bennett Says:

    Hello again Eliza. Thanks for the tip about the flowers. I have six houses now. The first one was given to me and my Husband renovated it for me. The second was the little Tower, We did the competition with it but didnt win. The next was a three storey victorian which my Husband built from scratch, next he made little two room crofters cottage, then a modern town hoiuse and the latest is a shop/cafe with a roof garden. The building is finished and I have lots in it but haven’t started on the garden yet. Must save some more money. I also collect dolls. I have about two hundred and thirty of them. Two are over a hundred years old but some are the real baby type and my favourite one is called Stephanie.

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