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Dolls’ house recreates the joys of student living

July 26th, 2012

Anina Gunther, a graphic designer who now lives in Switzerland, spent a number of years as a resident of Brighton and used her time there to make a dolls’ house that captures the look and feel of shared student accommodation.

Modelled on a typical Brighton Victorian terrace, the dolls’ house features the usual chaos of student living, complete with grimy bathroom and a hallway cluttered with  a bike, Sainsbury’s carrier bag and several pairs of trainers!

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Anina explained that she didn’t want to create a traditional dolls’ house.

“I wanted to give it a bit of grit.  It’s pretty true to life and typical of flats I’ve lived in – a bit poky and in a mess most of the time.”

Today Anina is still making miniatures as you can see on her blog and still attracting publicity with an interview in a publication called Small Magazine to add to articles about her that have featured in the Guardian, Independent and New York Times.

She also gives details of her latest small creation – her first child!



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