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A city in miniature

August 8th, 2012

When it comes to working in miniature, some people just can’t help thinking big. 

Take twins Gerrit and Frederik Braun, whose model railway now covers 12,738 square feet – and it doesn’t stop there.  By 2020 their creation is projected to double in size!

Being described as the world’s largest model railway exhibition doesn’t really do justice to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg.

Yes – it has a lot of trains, but it also encompasses a whole city which, when lit up at night, looks simply amazing.

There’s a sports stadium complete with sell-crowd, an airport with planes landing and taking off, road traffic and wonderful little miniature scenarios such as a fire engine racing to a fire, a courting couple in a field and a man felling a tree which crashes through the roof of an adjacent building.

Gerrit and Frederik Braun began work began on the exhibition in 2000 and it has now grown to become an incredible attraction which draws people from all over Europe and beyond.

If you’re lucky enough to see it, then do share your impressions on the DHE forum and if you know of any other attractions which would be of interest to fellow dolls’ house enthusiasts, then please share them too.




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