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Dolls’ house deeds without the hassle!

August 22nd, 2012

The Dolls House Emporium is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to register your dolls’ house online and print out your very own property deeds.

And this is open to houses of any make, model and age!

Even that crumbly old one in the loft, the Triang dolls’ house you’ve been meaning to restore for 15 years and even the little childhood dolls’ house that’s been so ‘well-loved’ the hinges have fallen off countless times and the grandchildren are now redecorating!

FREE dolls' house deeds

So what are you waiting for? There’s no fees involved, no solicitors and estate agents, not even the mortgage advisor needs to get his hands mucky with these deeds.

Give it a go!


One Comment to “Dolls’ house deeds without the hassle!”

  1. The Deeds are a great idea! At the minute my little Pippa doll lives in Bella Donna, I even made her a dress to co-ordinate with the painted decor. In her bedroom are her pictures of her favourite actor, Dirk Bogarde and favourite singer, Stevie Nicks. Pippa loves her house!!!

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