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Why Pinterest is SO good for people who like dolls’ houses and miniatures

September 19th, 2012

What’s this Pinterest then?

You may have heard of an online mood board called Pinterest.

It’s somewhere that you can assemble a collection of your favourite images (with some written info if you like) from around the web.

And that’s why is great for hobbyists like us! You can keep everything from workouts to recipes to arts and crafts ideas all in one place!

For instance, you can assemble your ideal miniature room from a whole range of furniture and accessories websites at the click of a button. You don’t have to ask permission and it’ll store all your favourites in one place.

And it’s addictive. There’s something of a mystery as to where time goes when you’re browsing everyone else’s “pinboards”.

Take a look at some of the pin boards/mood boards at The Dolls House Emporium Pinterest centre.

We’ve put over 1,600 items from our range on the site (so far!) and people around the world are already pinning to their own online collections! You can even pin direct from product pages on dollshouse.co.uk, as we’ve added a “pin it” button to make life easier.

Other people have put together funny photos, pictures of their pets, photos of their own work or newspaper clippings that make them smile!

The Dolls House Emporium will be running competitions through its Pinterest pages soon, so why not sign up and be in with a chance?

It’s easy to request an invitation and even easier to sign up and start pinning.

You’ll find a whole miniatures community there – we have and it’s great fun!

All you have to do to start pinning is “click”! The quickest way to going is to join and from there it’s very self-explanatory.

Create as many boards as you like and put what you wish wherever you wish.

Don’t let the worlds “social bookmarking” put you off. You don’t have to be anyone’s friend if you don’t want to… you can simply use it as a place to assemble your favourite goodies from pictures across the whole Internet. Now there’s something to go at!

People who use Pinterest are different from the major social networks because most people use it to find and share inspiration, whether they are hosting a party, getting married, remodelling their bathroom, or looking for a recipe for dinner.


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