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Spooky miniatures for Hallowe’en!

October 29th, 2012

We love a bit of a fright here at The Dolls House Emporium – so we’re happy to share some fangtastically spooky images shared via screamail and facebook by our readers!

Scroll down to see what our wonderfully creative fiends (er, friends!) have sent us.

Here are two from Sheila Vickers, one showing her skeleton friends sharing a leg and a wing, the first breaking the one foot rule in snooker!

 miniature scene halloween

sheila vickers miniature scene halloween

Rosa Cardona’s Vampire Dinner:

vampire dinner miniature scene halloween

Mel Jacob’s Come Dine With Me

come dine with me miniature scene halloween

A handful here from Jenny Cooper, with her Vampire Dinner scene and the Alchemist Lab:

High Tea? - A miniature scene for Hallowe'en

Alchemist lab miniature scene for Hallowe'en

Alchemist lab miniature scene for Hallowe'en

Alchemist lab miniature scene for Hallowe'en

Jaz Ash from Jazzi’s Minis dropped this picture in of her Hallowe’en party for spooks:

A miniature scene for Hallowe'en

Ellen Hartmeijer shared her wonderfully busy Hallowe’en room:

ellen hartmeijer Oodles Galore

Debbie McGrath created “Frank’s Place”:

Debbie McGrath Franks Place

Amanda Lane’s Hallowee’n Party:

Amanda Lane - Hallowe'en Party

Michelle Jeffrey’s ‘Tribute to Dexter’:

Michele Jeffery's Tribute to Dexter

And finally, Karen Watchus shares her Hallowe’en outfit!

Karen Watchus' Hallowe'en outfit



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