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A six-sided dolls’ house!

November 28th, 2012

It’s always interesting to see what people do with more unusually-shaped dolls’ houses.

Shelagh Mallandaine, from Guernsey, turned The Toll House into an Edwardian art studio and fine furnishings shop, packing a real variety of furniture and fun into what is actually quite a small space!

She says: “I have recently redecorated my little, six-sided house that I bought from you a few years ago and thought you might like to see it. It is now an Edwardian Art Studio upstairs with a Fine Furnishings Shop downstairs.

Six-sided dolls' house in Guernsey

Shelagh added: “I am particularly pleased with the upstairs flooring, my tip for a good finish when fitting floor boards is to keep a small jar of clean, fine sawdust from sawing small pieces of wood, to fill in any small gaps between boards.

“Use a fine brush to dab some PVA glue into the gap, then fill with the fine sawdust. Once it has dried, if it is a little proud of the gap it can be gently sanded down then the whole area can be varnished and the gap will not show.

“Most of the sawdust that I kept came from sawing the wood for the picture frames.”

Six-sided dolls' house in Guernsey

Six-sided dolls' house in Guernsey

Have YOU done a great redecoration job on an existing dolls’ house? Send us the pictures of your transformation to photos@dollshouse.co.uk



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