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Dolls’ house ski school from Austria

November 29th, 2012

Waltraud Fischer is from Salzburg, Austria, so what better theme to pick for her Creative Competition entry than a ski school!

She told us: “I wanted to make something different than a “normal“ shop or restaurant. And because I am from Austria, the alps are not far away from my hometown Salzburg, I got the idea to make this ski school, ski rental and winter lounge.

“The name of my shop is «Pistenflitzer», in German we call a person who is skiing very fast over the slopes ‘Pistenflitzer’. So I decided to give my shop this name because after attending the ski school, the guest should be hopefully good skiers.”

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Dolls' house ski school Austria

On the ground floor you can see the office of the ski school.

There is a desk with the computer, some papers, application form, a bunch of keys and the mobile phone.  Behind the desk you can find a shelf with boxes, files and other bits and pieces such as the trophies.

Another small shelf is full of cold drinks, snacks, sun cream and tissues which you can buy there. On the right hand side you see another small shelf with information about the ski area, some hotels and a flyer for the coming winter party.

Dolls' house ski school Austria

On the wall – next to some pictures – a board is hanging with the schedule of the ski instructors and some postcards from former guests.

In the same room we find the ski rental. There you can rent skis, shoes, ski-sticks and helmets.

There is also a bench and a small carpet that the customers have it comfortable while changing their shoes. You can also borrow socks with your ski shoes and you can keep your normal shoes in the office during the your ski-day, so that they are cosy when you change them again in the afternoon.

Dolls' house ski school Austria

On the first floor is a “winter lounge”. After a long skiing day the guests can have a cold or warm drink (hot punch in the silver pot) and small snacks and they can decide if they want to sit in a deck-chair or have it very cosy next to the warming fire.

Of course warm blankets are also prepared. A blackboard downstairs shows the way up to the lounge.

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Outside, of course, is the snow. The windows are a little bit frozen because of the cold.

A big map shows the skiing area and the ski-doo is waiting until somebody needs help along the slopes.

In the corner you can find sledges and equipment forthe small (and bigger) people who still want to have some fun in the snow after the ski lifts are closed.

As it is common in the ski areas you can see the Austrian flag and the one of the country of Salzburg.

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Dolls' house ski school Austria

Dolls' house ski school Austria




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