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Quirky way to a DIY dolls’ house!

January 3rd, 2013

I know a little girl who has a book which opens back on itself to form a tree-house dolls’ house.

But here’s an idea: using a document binder to do exactly the same thing!

This means you can customise your creation according to what you like and – more importantly – what your dolls like!

It’s a step-by-step guide and we’re sure you will agree, as a craft project it’s very near the top of the list!

Something for all ages, abilities and pockets, because you can fill it with home-made cardboard goodies, or add a couple of miniatures to your next Dolls House Emporium order!

Have you any ideas for unusual or quirky dolls’ house creations? Drop us a line (with some pictures) to photos@dollshouse.com


One Comment to “Quirky way to a DIY dolls’ house!”

  1. This is a brillant idea. It would be great for designers to display their idea for a room without going to the expense of getting all the big people pieces for it. As a budding Interior Designer the idea of just pulling a room set off the shelf really appeals. Also as a budding miniaturist I love the idea to explore what works in miniature before putting it in a house. Thanks for posting.

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