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Wow – what an amazing mouse house!

January 4th, 2013

Here’s a real dolls’ house treat – it’s Maddie’s Mouse House!

You may remember Maddie, from Chesterfield, who built the amazing Hobbit Hole a couple of years ago.

Her latest project is a Brambly Hedge inspired Dolls House, which took some 11 months to complete.

Maddie's Mouse House

Maddie's Mouse House

Maddie said: “When I was very little my Mum bought the Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge books for me and I loved them.

“I used to paint and draw pictures copied from the books and I had posters on my wall. I still have my original books.

“The whole thing is inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her wonderful book Spring Story.

The frame and bark were completely hand made from scratch.

There are lots of handmade items. The mushrooms were made out of Fimo and each one is approximately 3mm across, so “very fiddly”, says Maddie.

Maddie's Mouse House

“I made the mouse by modifying a Dolls House Emporium doll – I took off the doll’s head and made a head and hands out of Fimo.

“I could not find a four poster bed to fit the bedrooms, so I custom made them from leftover wood from the ceiling beams.”

Maddie's Mouse House

Maddie's Mouse House

There’s lots of information on how she made it and step by step guides on some of the technique involved at Maddies own blog.

And lots more pictures and details of her work are there too.

Maddie's Mouse House



5 Comments to “Wow – what an amazing mouse house!”

  1. Fantastic……………….I adore this cute mouse house!! So much detail and crafted to the highest standard.


  2. Fantastic……………….I adore this cute mouse house!! So much detail and crafted to the highest standard.



  3. julie baker Says:

    Stunning! I can just hear my daughter (another one brought up on Brambly Hedge) saying ‘why don’t you try something like that Mum?’

  4. Adorable, such attention to detail, quality and atmosphere.

  5. Wow this is brilliant and so inspiring. I have even more ideas for my minitures now (not that I needed more, more lifetimes to do them all alright).

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