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Dolls’ house for a boy? Of course it’s OK!

January 9th, 2013

We’ve been taking a look at some parenting forums and a certain question came up quite a lot.

This one, from the US online magazine Mothering was typical:

So my son and I went and saw Santa. He had a great experience and had the chance to play with some of the toys that Santa had in his “workshop” (we were the only kid there).
I asked him if he had fun playing with the dollhouse at Santas. Now he seems convinced Santa is bringing it because he played with it while visiting Santa. I have no problem with his having a “girl” toy, but I don’t want him to want it just because I said something. I don’t want to get it for him only because I am suggesting it. He is 3 in January and agrees to most any toy suggestion at first. He really seemed to enjoy paling with it and he is very into imaginative play right now.
I started looking to see if I could find a dollhouse and they are all very pink and girly. Any experienced mom’s have a suggestion of a reasonably priced house that isn’t girls only?

So what do YOU think? Share your views below or hop across to our forum to have your say.

We spotted this particular version of the discussion in a web search search for our own products – after someone replied recommending the Cowboy Kids range here at The Dolls House Emporium.


One Comment to “Dolls’ house for a boy? Of course it’s OK!”

  1. Debbie Burns Says:

    I made a BOY’S dollhouse for my grandson for Christmas in the style of a Vampire Villa B&B complete with red lights and an outdoor graveyard area-He loves it! I posted a pic of it on Dolls House Emporium facebook page

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