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Outdoor scenes and a secret garden – all in wonderful 1:12 scale!

January 15th, 2013

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a few well-chosen accessories and some miniature know-how!

Juliet Ashmore has been transforming her two houses with a little help from Dolls House Emporium goodies – and a couple of our online tutorials.

One idea we liked making at this end – and on that Juliet picked up on – was the doorway to a secret garden.

garden coming together

walk through the pergola to the gazebo

To the secret garden

She says her work has added a lot of character to her projects.

Juliet, from Staffordshire, says: “I started with a kit house back in 1999 – a build it yourself 100 part Del Prado and this sat on top of the wardrobe for a few years while my children were tiny.

“When they were old enough not to eat the small parts I lifted it down and began to show the girls all about dolls’ houses.

“We gradually added details to this house, which my youngest daughter ‘shared’ with me. My oldest daughter had a dolls’ house from Santa (a Sue Ryder house acquired with vouchers from the Daily Mail) and this house started to look very plain against the Del Prado. So we visited Ripley and bought  a lighting system and more bits (couldn’t resist after seeing all your lovely displays!)

“Because this house seems small I made a basement myself and we decorated it and added wallpapers and flooring. I am still in the throes of adding the kit spiral staircase to join the homemade basement with the main house.”

sitting room now

DP bathroom now

DP bedroom now

DP kitchen now

“Of course I lost my share in my original house as the girls took one each (they like to ‘visit’ each others houses for tea etc), so I took on my own project of a garden.

“I didn’t have room for another house and we thought some outside space would be good for our dolls. I pinched a few ideas from you and in particular liked my doorway to the secret garden!

“Most of the objects in the houses have come from The Dolls House Emporium with a few exceptions of items bought at fayres and some home made items.

“We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and only wish our real house was large enough to add another (perhaps Georgian this time) house. The girls are learning a lot about historical changes to style, furniture and fixtures. I am looking forward to Spring when my garden will have spring flowers popping up and maybe even a vegetable garden?!

“Thank you for the hours of fun making and playing, decorating and redesigning.”

snowy courtyard with water fountain and pump

SR basement kithcen now

SR sitting room now

DP nursery now

Robin on the Gazebo



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