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A miniature Valentine’s shop room display

March 6th, 2013

Here’s a simple and straightforward display which shows just how effective choosing the right accessories can be!


Heather Barnes, from Fife, sent in some pictures of her Valentine’s shop room display.

She made it with a mix of Playmobil, Sylvanian Families, ‘Printies’, and some homemade and dolls house items.

Heather Barnes, from FifeHeather Barnes, from Fife

Heather says: “This shop sells almost everything needed for Valentines Day. The central display is vases of flowers (beads with paper flowers either bought or hand made).

“Sweet treats include foam gingerbread and Printie pink cookies, displayed on hand carved wooden bowls made by a neighbour. There’s also a fake cork cake and small-portions chocolate dessert.

“If it’s an ornament you fancy there are many to choose from (beads, craft shop finds and DHE Lady in blue (Part: 2588) and DHE Heart trinket box (Part: 2591). Or a cushion (cross-stitched by my sister to her own patterns) might take your fancy; they share a table with teddies (my own pipecleaner makes). Jewellery (a mix of charms and seed bead strings) has its own table, as do cards (both homemade and printie) and the gift bags/boxes (Printies).”


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