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Home-made dolls’ house solution!

March 8th, 2013

Sharing her dolls’ house handiwork from the USA today is Wendy Teresi, from Hebron, Illinois.

She took the plunge into making her own miniatures after failing to find what she needed in the usual commercial outlets.

Even the room box was an “upcycled” crate.

She says: “I am in the process of making more to finish off the exterior of the room box I am making for my son.

“I was on many exhausting searches looking for this item. I found nothing. At work one day I was looking at a cardboard box, and it hit me. I could make it myself!

“My finances to say the least, are strained so here’s a list of the things I made for this room which I did myself: Air compressor tank and gauges, and the pallet it sits on, computer work bench, chest of drawers, tool box, both levels, hanging florescent lights, shelves and tire rack, lift, creeper, shop rags and the box of rags, calendar, shop sign, oil pan and spill, along with the oil collection tank, the leather bound books, jumper cables, tow rope, motor hoist and coiled air hose, the window, and the peg board.

“I came upon a way to make faux tin interior walls for a garage or any building like a shed… mostly what makes it so realistic are the walls.

“Since this is my first try at a room box, I would welcome any hints on what I may have done incorrectly or any constructive criticisms that will help me in any future endeavours.”

And here are those photos!

Wendy Teresi

Wendy Teresi

Wendy Teresi



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