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Who’s who in your dolls’ house?

March 22nd, 2013

Flicking through some web pages about Victorian England, we spotted this blog about everyone who might live in a grand house.

So whether you’re a fan of Downton or the late, lamented Upstairs Downstairs, this guide – borrowed from the BBC – might help.

It deals with those who live “below stairs” but may give some characters to provide inspiration for you!

We’ve added some links to help you visualise our suggestions!


* The butler – in charge of the house, coachmen, footmen and wine cellar.
* The housekeeper – responsible for the housemaids and carried keys to the china and linen cupboards.
* The ladies maid – the mistress of the house’s personal attendant, helping her dress and do her hair.
* The valet – the master’s manservant, attending to his requests and preparing his clothes and shaving tools.
* The cook – ran the kitchen and larder, overseeing the kitchen, dairy and scullery maids.
* The governess – educated and cared for the children.
* The hallboy – worked 16-hour days, lighting all the lamps and candles and polishing the staff boots.
* The tweeny – in-between stairs maid earned £13 a year, worked seven days a week from 5am-10pm.



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