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A Day at the Races: a mini-project to try!

April 4th, 2013

We love any excuse to get dressed up and what better reason than Ladies’ Day at the races!

A day at the dolls' house races

As it’s a special occasion why not treat yourself to a glass or two of champagne?

You might have something to celebrate with our dolls, all dressed up to the nines!

If you would like to recreate some of the features in our Ladies’ Day scene, go to “how to” at dollshouseblog.com and make your own Winning Post and a hedge-topped stone-built wall adapted especially for the horses.

A day at the dolls' house races

A day at the dolls' house races

For these photos we used:

Johnny Doll 160mm, 2716, RRP £12.90

Harvey Doll 155mm, 2718, RRP £18.60 NOW £15.80

Daron Doll 153mm, 4144, RRP £25.90

Ralph Doll 155mm, 2740, RRP £13.40

Lady Hambleton Doll 150mm, 5774, RRP £42.90

Estella Doll 150mm, 6364, RRP £9.95

Margot Doll 140mm, 4445, RRP £8.00

Lady Grantham Doll 145mm, 5771, RRP £45.70

Rosie Doll 145mm, 5052, RRP £28.90

Coco Doll 140mm, 2714, RRP £13.40 NOW £10.70

Black ‘SLR’ Camera (PR), 5807, RRP £2.05

Topiary Cone in ‘Terracotta’, Pot 105mm, 3516, RRP £4.95

Champagne & Flutes, 3pcs 2150, RRP £8.00

Dry Stone Wall (PR) 85 x 120mm, 4954, RRP £6.80 NOW £5.11

Spring Daffodils, 6 pcs, 3850, RRP £4.25

Pink Rose Bower 135mm, 6559, RRP £6.20

Wooden Railing Assembly, 90 x 237 x 11mm, 7251, RRP £8.20


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